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We offer a variety of standard, VIP, luxury and company minibus hire in the UK to suit your needs.

mini bus hire slough

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Standard minibus:

When it comes to budget, standard minibus rentals offer a comfortable atmosphere.
The powerful minibus offers first-class transport for up to 18 passengers. It is a perfect choice for company travel.
Each luxury minibus has a sleek, modern style and interior that will satisfy the highest demands.

Luxury minibuses:

An ideal alternative if you want to make an impression. Luxury minibuses equipped with full leather interior, desks, DVD player, WIFI, toilet and bathroom, bar facilities, XBOX and many other great extras.

As one of the UK’s leading bus or coach hire providers, Bus Hire Slough specializes in luxury and company bus and coach hire. Our team of transport experts will be happy to help you choose the best minibus specification for your needs and budget. With Bus Hire Slough, you can be sure that VIP and luxury buses will give you the best bus experience.

Advantages of minibus rental include:

Buses are the best choice for group tours, events and activities as they are designed to accommodate a large number of passengers. Instead of pooling several cars or using public transport, renting a minibus allows you to travel as a group.

Minibuses are often equipped with extras like air conditioning and comfortable seats to make the trip more enjoyable

Depending on the number of people in your group, renting a minibus can be cheaper than renting a multi-car or buying a bus or train ticket.

: If you want to sit back and relax during your trip or are unfamiliar with the area, some minibus rental companies offer the option of a professional driver.

and can be used for various purposes including corporate events, school trips and airport transfers.

mini bus hire slough

Rent a minibus from Slough Minibus Hire:

Minibus Hire Slough is Slough’s leading minibus and coach hire company. A UK-based company specializing in group travel and corporate travel. We are a fast-growing family business providing a first-class service.
We have 8-seater minibuses, 12-seater minibuses, 16-seater minibuses and 24-seater mini coaches. All vehicles are operated by VOSA qualified drivers who use a variety of minibuses and coaches to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.


Why do we choose our minibuses?

Competitive Prices: We offer competitive prices compared to other minibus rental companies.

We offer a variety of minibuses in different sizes and configurations. If you want to get the best minibus, contact our service staff at Minibus Hire Slough. We really only work for our clients. People can order a luxury minibus from Slough based on their needs. Slough helps us to offer the latest and most innovative range of minibuses.

In addition to the car minibus, we can provide you with a driver as part of our service. You can rent a minibus with a driver and we will provide the minibus with the driver. It is very unlikely that you will find a minibus rental company that offers affordable rental prices like us.

We offer experienced drivers who know the needs of customers who want to relax while traveling or are unfamiliar with their surroundings.

We are known for providing excellent customer service that sets our business apart from the competition

We can accommodate last minute bookings or special requests, making our business even better for customers who need reliable and adaptable transport services.

Slough Bus Company offers a new range of minibuses and we have enough staff to handle every customer. Only highly experienced and knowledgeable staff are employed by our Farnborough service to deal with overseas clients.

Our Team

Provide services to all citizens

We will serve all citizens due to the availability of our multilingual individuals. People can rent a quality minibus quickly and easily. We are open every day of the week so that our customers can reach us whenever they need Slough bus hire services.

How to hire our minibus?

Once you’ve found which Mini-Bus best suits your needs, visit our Get a Quote page.
You have two options on our website:
The first option is One Way, in which you choose the pick-up location, pick-up time and date. Our driver will pick you up at the designated place at the designated time and transport you to your destination.
The second option is Return, in which you choose pick-up and drop-off locations as well as pick-up and return times. Our driver will pick you up at the designated location at the designated time, drop you off at your destination, and then return to pick you up.
After selecting based on your needs, send a booking request and we will find you immediately.

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